The need for research: An opinion

Doctorate degrees in India have always been respected in the academic community. Being called a PhD has always been a proud thing to hear. But as time has given way to ‘’necessity” of earning a doctoral degree, the degree itself has become more of an ornament than something to do with the scholar’s knowledge. Many State and Central universities stipulate norms of publishing certain number of papers, and taking up research projects. These norms have been stipulated with a two-fold objective: firstly, for the researcher to enhance his/her skills subjectively and application-wise; and secondly, to contribute to society. Beyond these objectives, the more remarkable objectives were that time must not erode the charm of research, and that a doctoral degree must not lose its value.

Arguing that there is no scope for research in one’s subject of interest, remains an arguable point. When there are issues in society, there is scope for research. And these issues may not always be economic or social. They may emerge from the financial markets, business communities, artistic and cultural communities, or anywhere else. Also, claiming that there is no scope of everybody receiving government grants or university grants, is also moot. As long as there are original ideas in research, government organizations as well as universities are prepared to encourage scholars to do some good to society. (Yes, there is always the aspect of ‘’corruption’’ factored in.) What remains to be asked is, how responsible are today’s doctoral scholars? How much are they contributing to society?
– Rho Epsilon Research Team

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