Research Projects

Since our inception, we have had the opportunity to participate and offer our assistance in various International and Indian research projects.
The following are some of our most recent ones. This list is constantly updated to give a clear picture of our status.

1. International Research Projects:

        A. Completed Projects:

a. Consumer survey for technology suppliers in San Francisco, California; this entailed questionnaire design, online survey, analysis and explanation.

b. Econometric analysis of achievements of a sports team, and game score prediction based on probability, maximization and other rules. (Washington D.C.)

c. Time series econometric analysis on financial crisis 2007 (UK)

          B. On-going Projects:

a. Panel data analysis for a long term project in Macroeconomics (FDI, GDP,Openness to Trade, and others) (UK)

b. Revenue Management in SMEs (USA)

c. Consumer perception of large retail brands (USA)

2. Research Projects in India:

          A. Completed Projects:

a. Literacy levels and awareness of health in rural Andhra Pradesh – Primary research survey, questionnaire design, and analysis

b. Time Series analysis of real estate prices and municipal development – a comparative study

          B. On-going Projects:

a. Agricultural land valuation and farmer pension schemes

b. Brand equity in the real estate industry

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