About Us

We are a research analytics company, focused on academic and market research analytics services. We are the providers of the only premium end-to-end solution(s) for research, starting from research, to data collection, to analysis. Our portfolio of projects consists of research in Economics, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Law, Engineering, Psychology, and many more subjects in Sciences and Social Sciences.

Our team of experienced research associates, writers and econometricians assist the scholars and professors in assessing the scope of research, planning the outcome, and give elaborate assistance in conquering the difficult task of writing and quantitative analysis.

We collaborate with professors from international universities in their research projects, and assist them in skilled econometric and qualitative analysis. Rho Epsilon takes great pride, and considers it a privilege in being associated with professors from some of the top tier universities of the world.

In the market research analytics area, we are proud to be associated with some of the large players in India, in Real Estate, Education, and Food and Beverage. We are in constant search for providing high quality analysis to every industry player.

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